Director/Dog Warden: Katelyn Lehman

Katelyn began her career in animal care in 2007.  She has worked her way up the ladder, starting as a Kennel Attendant, then becoming a Animal Technician, Humane Officer, Dog Warden, and now Director.  Katelyn is a nationally certified Animal Control Officer, and has completed many training certifications including shelter operations, shelter operations for managers, livestock care, veterinary aide, euthanasia technician, and animal behavior training.  She is currently working towards becoming a Certified Animal Welfare Administrator which would allow her to become part of an elite group of professionals committed to excellence in the management and operation of local animal welfare and control organizations. Katelyn is passionate about animals and is dedicated to running a successful shelter with high adoption rates and low euthanasia rates.  Personally, Katelyn is married to her husband Bob and they have three children, Madilyn, Rozlyn, and Grady.  In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and their two dogs, Tucker and Cooper. 

Assistant Director/Deputy Dog Warden:  Claudine Todoran

Claudine began her career in animal care in 2008.  She has previously worked as a Canine Technician, Cruelty Officer, and Deputy Dog Warden in Wayne County. She has also been a dispatcher for Emergency Management Animal Technicians in Arizona as well as an Office Manager for a local vet clinic. Claudine is very passionate about the shelter life.  She loves helping dogs in need and enjoys making a difference in their lives.  Claudine has numerous certifications in the animal care field.  She has completed the National Animal Control and Care Associations Level 1 Course, she has certificates in livestock care, dog fighting investigations, euthanasia, and is also a Humane Officer.  Claudine wants to continue her education as an animal behaviorist.  She enjoys working with dogs that are troubled or depressed and giving them the care and attention they deserve so that they can find permanent homes.  Personally, Claudine is married and has four canine children, Meeka, Whittle, Skip, and Oscar.  Whittle Girl is an American Pit Bull Terrier who is a certified therapy dog that loves to visit patients at University Hospitals.  In her free time, Claudine enjoys being outdoors, walking her dogs, and spending time with her friends and family. 

Deputy Dog Warden: Steve Black


Canine Technician: Bonnie Bauman

Bonnie began working for the Dog Shelter in 2016.   She is passionate about animals and loves to help in any way she can. In her free time Bonnie enjoys spending time with her 3 children and their dogs, Rocky, Sis, and Z.  Bonnie also loves to be outdoors and enjoys gardening and fishing. 

Canine Technician: Stephanie Kurzenberger



Kennel Attendant: Carrie Domer


Kennel Attendant: Kate Mick


Kennel Attendant: Sam Simons


Receptionist: Michelle Marchese

Michelle began working for the Wayne County Dog Shelter in November of 2016.  Her favorite part about working for the shelter is seeing the transformations from when the dogs first come to the shelter to the time that they find their loving forever home.  She enjoys making a difference in the community and interacting with the dogs at the shelter. Personally, Michelle graduated from Wooster High School and the Wayne County Schools Career Center.  In her free time she is a pet sitter and enjoys spending time with her cat, going on walks, and traveling.