Foster Program

Foster families are a vital network that enable us to expand our ability to care for animals far beyond the walls of our shelter.   By fostering a homeless animal, you can experience the joys of being a pet parent without the lifetime of responsibility.

The Wayne County Dog Shelter seeks foster families for a broad range of needs:


Moms and Babies or Bottle Baby Care or Orphaned Babies

Babies require extra TLC!  Mom and babies need a quiet place to rest until the babies are old enough to be adopted.  Puppies who lack a mother or are too young for adoption need to be placed in homes with volunteers who have had prior experience caring for orphaned babies.


A Much-Needed Break from the Kennel

Animals of any age who have been living at the Dog Shelter for an extended period of time can be sent into foster care to escape the stress of a kennel environment.


Medical Care

Animals with specific medical needs are placed in foster homes.  The Dog Shelter medical staff coordinates all required vaccinations, medications, and medical care while these animals are in foster care.



Animals who require special training or socialization before they are ready for adoption are sent into qualified foster homes to receive appropriate training and care before being adopted. 


Hospice Care

Occasionally we receive animals who require loving care for the remainder of their lives.


Are you interested in becoming a Foster? 

For more information on participating as a Foster, contact Bonnie by email or phone at or 330-345-1018 ext. 202.