Educational Programs

The mission of the Wayne County Dog Shelter Education Program is to:

Introduce the Wayne County Dog Shelter as a community agency dedicated to the safety and well-being of all dogs in Wayne County.  

In doing so we are committed to educating children and adults on the responsibilities necessary to ensure the welfare of animals.

By educating the people of Wayne County about our Dog Shelter, we hope to promote concepts of kindness, responsibility and respect towards all dogs.   



We offer programs tailored for specific groups such as:

Scout Groups
4H Groups
Community Groups
Senior Groups
Church Groups



We offer programs which can cover a variety of topics:

Pet Care
Safety Around Animals
Animal Cruelty
Animal-Related Careers
Spaying & Neutering


At this time our programs are free to all organizations however donations are appreciated in the form or supplies or monetary donations as well.

Programs held at the shelter include a tour of the shelter. 



Any questions?  Contact Katelyn by email or phone at: or (330) 345-1018