Dog Bites

The Wayne County Health Department regulates the Rabies Control Program for all of Wayne County.  The goal of the program is to prevent human cases of rabies by investigating all reported animal bites and by vaccinating dogs against rabies.  The Board of Health is charged with the enforcement authority of Ohio Administrative Code 3701-3-28, 3701-29 and 3701-3-30. These sections cover the quarantine, vaccination, and examination of animals involved in reported biting incidents.  For more information on the Health Departments role in dog bites please visit their website at

Once a bite is reported to the Dog Warden's Office an investigation will take place that includes speaking with the dog owner, victim, and witnesses.  The Dog Warden is responsible for determining if the dog should be deemed Dangerous or Vicious.  The Dog Warden will also advise the dog owner of the 10-day quarantine procedure and inform the party of the next steps in the process. Once the quarantine is complete that dog must be examined by a veterinarian and issued a health certificate.


Important Notes:

Once a dog bites, it is not allowed to leave the county in which the bite took place until the quarantine is lifted by the local Health Department.

If the dog is euthanized before the 10 day quarantine is lifted it must be sent away for testing to confirm it does not have rabies.