Ways to Help

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Wayne County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center!  We are in need of your help.  There are many things to do at our shelter, a short list is provided below.


Scoop Kennels                       Feed                                        Water

Provide Toys                          Provide Blankets                     Give Treats

Walk Dogs                              Sweep Floors                         Mop Floors

Wash Dishes                          Laundry                                  Brush Dogs

Bathe Dogs                            Scoop Play Yards                  Train Dogs


We are also in need of volunteers to assist at offsite events.  The shelter attends many different adoption days at various locations throughout the county as well as large scale fundraisers.  To assist the shelter at offsite events you will still need to attend one volunteer orientation. More information is listed below.

To become a volunteer at the Wayne County Dog Shelter we just need you to attend a volunteer orientation.  Orientations are normally on the second Saturday of each month at 10am, right here at the Dog Shelter!  A full schedule is provided on our website, just select "Volunteers" and then "Orientation" to see a full listing of the dates throughout the year.  We strongly encourage everyone to attend on the second Saturday, but if you absolutley can't attend a scheduled orientation the staff would be happy to do a specialized training just for you!  Once you have completed one orientation/training session you are all set to volunteer at our shelter.  The orientation normally takes 45-60 minutes and is full of information about our shelter as well as a tour of our facility.  For more information on volunteering please contact the shelter at 330-345-1018.