Individual Dog Sponsors

Anyone is able to sponsor a dogs adoption fee, but if you are unable to adopt, foster, or volunteer, sponsoring a dog adoption is the next best thing!  It is easy to sponsor a dog!  You may choose any of the dogs on our adoption floor and pay for their fee up front.  The fee is $59.00 and we accept cash, check, or credit card ($2 processing fee applies with all cards).  We love it when sponsors stop by the shelter and take a photo with the dog they sponsored, although it is not required.  We can advertise the sponsorship on our social media platforms and gain more publicity for the dog you choose.  If a business decides to sponsor we would also be happy to advertise your logo with the dog that is sponsored.

Just because a dog is sponsored does not mean that anyone can come to our shelter and adopt a dog for free. The adopter is still responsible for the dog license fee of $16 and they still have to fill out an application and be approved. Many of our adopters have had the benefit of adopting a sponsored dog.  It is always such a joy to see them react to the news and even pay it forward in some cases.

For more information on sponsoring a dog please contact the shelter at 330-345-1018.