Owner Release Policy

The Wayne County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center will take in owner released animals on a case by case basis.  Our first concern is our space.  We must have space available for every stray dog in Wayne County that is brought to our shelter.  This is our primary responsibility.   If we have space available the next step is to evaluate the dogs temperament.  Your dog must be friendly, healthy, and adoptable.   It must also get along well with other dogs.  Please keep in mind that the dog will be in a loud and stressful shelter environment until it is adopted. Sometimes the shelter environment does not bother a dog and other times and can be very detramental.  We do work with the dogs every day.  They all have indoor/outdoor kennels with blankets and toys and enjoy our 2 large play yards.  We can also notify you if we are unable to keep the dog any reason and you may pick it up. Below is a list of requirements to be considered and a few things that we are unable to do.  If you have any further questions about releasing your dog please contact our shelter at 330-345-1018.    


For an owner released dog to be considered the following applies:

We must have space available

You must be a Wayne County resident

The dog must be friendly with people

The dog must be friendly with dogs.

The dog must be healthy

The dog must be adoptable


We are unable to help in the following situations:

If your dog is aggressive with people or other dogs

If your dog has health concerns

If you are considering euthanasia for your dog please consult with your veterinarian